Rapex device debate

I just read a post on facey about an anti-rape device. The fact that women might want to insert a weapon into their vagina for protection makes me hate the world, but I think the production and call for availability of the device is worthy of debate.

To explain, the device is called Rapex.  Designed by Sonnet Ehler inspired in a region of South Africa where the significance of sexual violence against women is horrifyingly high, the device is inserted by the wearer like a tampon. On the inside,it’s hollow but studded with tiny sharp barbs. If the wearer is raped, the device impales the rapist and causes the perpetrator serious and lasting damage to the penis.It can only be removed surgically. Wow.

Firstly, I am not sure that it constitutes an anti-rape device because penetration has to take place for the device to be effective, but the comments as per usual made me think more than the post itself. The device has evoked a huge debate because it obviously is a drastic step towards protecting women in these regions. The crux of what makes rapex work is not that it causes pain to the perpetrator but importantly for the victim is that it BUYS YOU TIME TO RUN.

Many remarked they thought it could be misused by some types of women. Is this really a reason to prohibit the use, especially in a region where acts of sexual violence have become prolific? After all, isn’t the device an active step in defying the misuse of sex? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Rapex device debate

  1. When I saw this on Facebook and it made me so sad that it is even needed. However I think it is pretty darn cleaver! I mean wow the pain isn’t enough they have to suffer the humiliation of having it removed!!!

    • I agree. It really got to me that the argument for not having it available would be that it could be misused? So can capsicum spray. I think it is a good idea, for any woman concerned for her safety, especially in places like this where rape is actually likely.

      • Anyone that argues misuse of the product is just being silly, any item can be misused. We sell so many things that anyone can use and abuse, guns being one of them. But like this guns serve a purpose of protection that we cannot deny. I hope this thing makes it to the market.

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